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DOs during COVID-19

Updated: May 17, 2020

COVID-19 has put the world on hold. It has taken over 216 countries (areas or territories) with over 300,000 deaths and over 40,00,000 confirmed cases. It is a difficult time that we human beings are facing, but now is not the time to give up. It is time for us to take some of the necessary precautionary measures that have been recommended by doctors and scientists around the world to minimize the spread of the virus.

1). Wash your hands often:

The first measure we are all very familiar with is to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. Doctors have also recommended using hand sanitizers that will kill the viruses that may be on your hand.

2). Stay home, stay safe:

Since it been declared a pandemic, the world leaders left with no option but to maintain a lockdown to reduce the spread of this virus.

3). Follow social distancing:

Human touch is one of the main reasons for the spreading of the virus. Therefore, maintain a distance of at least two meters distance between yourself and others.

4). Cover your cough:

Make sure that you and the people around you follow good respiratory hygiene. Therefore, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow whenever you cough or sneeze. You can protect people from the flu and cold as well.

5). Call your doctor:

Last but not least, if you are feeling sick or someone around you or in your family is feeling ill or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, be smart and call your doctor. Seek medical attention and follow the direction of your health authority.

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