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Ranju Nayak

She is a stonemason, the only earning member of her family. After her older brother left the family years ago to live on his own, she had no other source of income as no one would hire a stonemason, so she had to work in mines to take care of her family. Her dream is to live in a pakka house and own a scooter.


The Root of Karmaar


The Soul of Karmaar

She starts her day at 4 in the morning, when everybody in her family is sound asleep, she makes sure that the house is clean, and food is cooked before they all wake up. She wants to earn money to own a house one day.

Sashmita Sadual


The Love of Karmaar

Our youngest artisan who dreams for a better future for her daughter - Bhagyashree. She eloped with her husband when they were 18 years old defying the opinions of all the people who were against them getting married, it is true what they say - Love wins in the end.

Ritu Behara


The Mother of Karmaar

After losing her husband and eight-year-old daughter she started working at the quarry to feed her family and working in the field for a wage that is lower than the national wage despite all the challenges she never forgets to smile.

Manju Malik


The Dreamer of Karmaar

Kavita lives in 2 bedroom kaccha house with her husband, two kids, her father-in-law, and mother-in-law. Both she and her husband work at the quarry to feed their family of six. She dreams to send both her kids to an English medium school and wants them to work at the Forest Department that sometimes pauses their flow of income from the contractor they work for at the Quarry. 

Kavita Malik

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