माँ, बेहेन, बीवी, बहु हूं मैं ,
सभी सूरत में स्नेहमयी मूरत हूं मैं ,
हर ख्वाहिश, हर दर्द को सीने में दफना,
कभी लब पे न आने वाली इक हसरत हूं मैं ,
कैसे भी, कितने भी हो मुश्किलात,
या फिर कितने भी हों विपरीत हालात ,
बेइन्तहा सब्र की मूरत हूं मैं। 

बदल देती हूं रुख हवा का भी इक बारी,
ऐसी बेमिसाल शख्सियत हूं मैं,
जी हैं ऐ दुनिया वालों,
हौसलों से तकदीर बदलने वाली,
खुदा की खूबसूरत सी इनायत,
इक औरत हूं मैं, इक औरत हूं मैं।

Savitri Joshi

Retired Senior Librarian & Poet

“Driven by the ideology of, Do not complain. Contribute."

I decided to opt out of practising as a Dentist in Delhi to work at grassroot level in rural Rajasthan. I started working on hygiene and health aspects of women and adolescent girls in a village called Eral in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan as an SBI YFI fellow.

While working on creating awareness amongst them,

I created a self help booklet which contains all the important information as well as correct ways to practise hygiene.

The idea was to drive the community through community. All the drawings used in the booklet have been made by the kids themselves.  I trained AWW who in turn trained the women in the village regarding MHM in the local language Mewari.“

Dr.Charvee Patel

Aspirational District Fellow